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XpressChef 2c

High Speed Baking Oven

The Xpress Chef 2c delivers both speed and quality with its optimized airflow, powerful convection, and gentle microwave to produce even the most delicate baked goods. This compact high speed oven cooks a wide range of menu items faster and to perfection – pizza, pies, pastries, breads, casseroles, steamed vegetables and more!

  • Convection, microwave, combination for a wide variety of uses.
  • 2700 watts convection bakes with a 95°– 250°C temperature range enhancing toasting and browning.
  • 1400w microwave assist power for speed.
  • Built-in catalytic converter for ventless operation.
  • 34 litre oven capacity easily accommodates a 30cm (12”) pizza.
  • Compact footprint – stackable to save even more space – double the production in the same space.
  • HD Advanced controller with 7cm full colour LCD display.
  • ACP Menu Management app and Smart USB (no special formatting required) standard equipment, stores up to 100 programmable menu items.
ModelDimensionsPowerShipping Weight
Jet514V490x671x461mm16Amp, single phase53kg